• Deserted houses on the ring road
    When driving from the South Region in Iceland through Breiðdalsvík on our way to Stöðvarfjörður and Fáskrúðsfjörður we drove past this old deserted house by the lighthouse. It looked kind of miserable in the fog, and we could hardly see the beautiful lighthouse. There are many old deserted houses on the ring road in Iceland. Some of them quite interesting to photograph.
  • Reykjavik today
    In recent years, Reykjavík has developed into a city with a city-like skyline. Some years ago there were only small houses visible in the “skyline”. Today the city is on a fast track to becoming a modern like city, although fortunately the city organizers have had the sense to preserve the old part of town in a proper manner.
  • Vopnafjörður is an excellent village for stoping and resting
    Vopnafjörður is one of the rather isolated villages in the Eastern Region of Iceland. It is one of the fortunate communities as fishing and fish processing is still a solid base for the town’s economy. The town has a beautiful location and surroundings and a great view of the surrounding mountains. For tourists, it is an excellent destination to make a night stop; with a good camping area and nice accommodation. 
  • You can find a swimming pool in almost all towns and villages in Iceland
    Almost in all the towns and villages around Iceland you will find a swimming pool. Some of them are old indoor swimming pools, but many are fairly new. This photo is from a nice swimming pool at Hella in the Sothern Region of Iceland. A good place to stop and take the kids swimming.manner.
  • Borgarfjörður Eystri, or Bakkagerði, is probably one of the smallest villages in Iceland. Surrounded by the beautiful landscape the village offers a surprising variety of accommodation and has a wonderful restaurant, Álfacafé. The fish soup is quite good with fresh fish of the day.
  • Raufarhöfn is an isolated and remote village in Iceland
    One of the most isolated and remote villages in Iceland is Raufarhöfn, located on the east side of Melrakkaslétta in the Northern Region in Iceland. Fishing and fish processing has always been the most important means of income for most residents and still is. The church has also had an important role in a community the see has taken its toll throughout history.
  • Icelanders protest an ambiguous withdrawal of our application for EU membership
    From the beginning of our devastating financial crisis in autumn of 2008 Icelanders have regularly marched down to the square in front of Althingi, the Icelandic Parliament, to protest.  They gather in numbers to protest decisions and actions of the Icelandic government.  Early on these protests reflected massive disappointment and anger.  Quite understandably as the Icelandic economy had collapsed and three of the largest banks were bankrupt. In recent times the protests have been peaceful and...
  • The storm seems to be approaching all the time
    The weather this winter has been exceptionally bad here in Iceland.  The Icelandic Meteorological Office (IMO) is constantly issuing warnings to travelers and residents around the country.  It seems that we have one storm after another that are constantly bombarding Reykjavík and surrounding communities as well as the countryside and the rest of the country.  This has been going on since November and we can sense that many Icelanders are becoming really tired.  Consequently we are spending more...
  • At some point it was not so nice in downtown Reykjavik
    One of the most remarkable things about Iceland is the weather.  Like so many things in this country it is completely unpredictable. Today we experienced one of the worst weather that we have seen in Reykjavik in the south and the west in weeks.  Interesting because we have hardly had a calm day since December. The news sounded familiar and was all about cars that were stuck in snow on mountain roads and people that were rescued from their cars by our brave rescue team.  Hundreds of tourists...
  • Thingvellir is a beautiful and sacred place for Icelanders
    In many cities around the world people rarely have the opportunity to experience the quality of stepping out of the city to enjoy nature.  For many this is very difficult and almost impossible. For anyone who has the opportunity it is nourishment for the soul.  It is a substance that can really enhance your life in a small way. Contact with nature is a quality people should seek. I realized this when I met a woman in her fifties some years ago hiking in a wet storm deep in the highlands of...