Þórsmörk day tour from Reykjavík

Þórsmörk day tour from Reykjavík

Þórsmörk is one of the most spectacular places in Iceland.  It is one of the most accessible areas in the Highland, a deep valley, and oasis cornered with glaciers on three sides.  It is truly a place of ice and fire as one of the glaciers; Eyjafjallajökull has recently erupted with glowing lava flowing into two parts of Þórsmörk.
2 presons minimum

Þórsmörk tour

The Oasis of the Icelandic highland

The glaciers and mountains surrounding the valley protect it from the harsh weather conditions of the Icelandic highland forming conditions for more vegetation than in most places in the Icelandic highland. The diverse flora and magnificent landscape is a must for nature lovers.  Like many places in Iceland, the valley Þórsmörk is home to many small glacial rivers as well as wonderful spring fed creeks and streams.  It is simply a beautiful place to visit. 

Seljalandsfoss Þórsmörk tour in Iceland from Reykjavík

Beautiful waterfalls and a glacier tongue.

The tour takes you from Reykjavík on the south coast to our first stop Seljalandsfoss waterfall, one of the most popular attractions in Iceland.  Ahead from Seljalandsfoss lies the typical rough highland road to Þórsmörk.  A 4X4 track with many creeks and rivers to cross.  Our first stop is the magnificent glacier tongue Gígjökull, the slowly moving glacier river originating in the glacier volcano Eyjafjallajökull.  A place that played a significant role in the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption as most of the stream of melting ice from the eruption came down its path with tremendous force. 

Þórsmörk tour in Iceland

Into the oasis, a canyon and a magnificent view

As we approach Þórsmörk, we pass the stunning canyon Stakkholtsgjá with its magical waterfall at the end of a short hiking tour.  We cross rivers well equipped in our super jeep and find our way to the great destination.  Þórsmörk is also a place of peace, a sanctuary for the soul.  It has many short and interesting hiking trails with spectacular views of the glaciers, mountains and the Highland. 


Tour location : 

  • Southern region

Starting place / town : 

  • Reykjavík

Tour : 

  • Super Jeep


8 to 10 hours


Guided tour with driver

What to bring: 

You need to bring good shoes, warm clothes, a camera, and some food for the trip like a more sandwich and water. Some snack won't hurt.  The driver will stop at service stations with small roadside convenience stores where you can purchase food and snacks.

Pick up time at preferred location: 

08:30 - 09:00 in the moring