Northern Lights Evening Tour

Northern Lights Evening Tour

Pursuing the Northern Lights around Reykjavík in a small group

Iceland is a perfect place to see the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis.  If conditions are right, the Northern Lights can be seen in all regions.  Reykjavík and nearby countryside is an excellent place to search for and see the Northern Lights. Come with us as we search for the best place to experience this unique phenomenon.

Northern Lights tour

It is important to go away from the city lights and find a dark place to thoroughly enjoy the Northern Lights.  Places in the countryside near Reykjavík where the show gets much more spectacular as there is nothing else to disturb the lights in the sky. 

We usually have a time interval of 3 - 4 hours. However, we might increase this when the activity is very high or even when the activity is low requiring more time to find it. 


Tour location : 

  • Reykjavík

Starting place / town : 

  • Reykjavík

Tour : 

  • Northern Lights


3 to 4 hours


Coffee and cake is provided during the tour! 

What to bring: 

Warm clothing since there is a considerable time spent outside in the cold, and don't forget the camera.

Pick up time at preferred location: 

Pick-up from hotel; 9:00 pm (depends on season)