​Lake Myvatn in Autumn

  • ​Lake Myvatn in Autumn
Oct 9 2016

Traveling in Iceland in autumn, in the months from October to the beginning of November, is such a joy for two reasons.  On the one hand, you have all the colors of autumn as the leaves on the trees change colors.  This is so magical because all the green trees and the green leaves take on many different colors, mostly yellow, orange and red. For this reason, a large area can change the character for a few weeks and seem quite different to the bright green and light yellow that dominates the summer. On the other hand, as it gets colder the sky becomes clear and the air cleaner.  Sometimes it seems that the horizon is much more apparent as well as the space between you and the horizon. 

A great time for photography

In our view, this is the best and most interesting time to organize a photographic tour in Iceland. If it doesn't snow in the Highland you can also travel to magical places before the blanket of snow covers the whole are.  This greatly affects the colors of your motives, especially if you are lucky to have a sunny day with calm wind and you are traveling after a rainy day.  That is the ultimate time and conditions for photography in Iceland. 

Lake Myvatn in Autumn

Lake Myvatn in northern Iceland in unquestionably one of the most beautiful and most interesting places in the country. The lake with its small islands, the flora and vegetation around the lake, the many stunning geological formations by the lake shore, the lava, hot boiling steam coming from the ground, mountains and crater framing the lake into something spectacular. This is, of course, a perfect place to find a motive for an autumn photo.