A good start for the best season in Iceland

  • A good start for the best season in Iceland
Jun 2 2017

Iceland is now entering the most interesting time of the year. There is no arguing that the summer months June and July are the best months to visit Iceland and travel in Iceland.  And this year we do not need to make a fuss about the weather. Winter has been mild, and now nature is more responsive. Our landscape is more colorful, the roads are better, and our flora and fauna are blooming sooner.  The Highland roads will open earlier than usual, and access to many of the most beautiful natural wonders is easier and more enjoyable as most of the tracks and trails are dry.  Of all the factors people need to understand and look at when traveling and planning a trip to Iceland, the weather is probably the most essential. And this year the weather has been on everybody’s side.

Light and more daylight

In the days ahead the daylight continues to increase until June 21st, and in two or three weeks we will have daylight around the clock.  This has many advantages, and for most of our visitors, this is very unusual. One of the benefits is the low sunlight during sunrise and sunset, which is often attractive for photographers, especially landscape photographers. For those who want to take advantage of this annual situation, this is a good time to start preparing and deciding where to take a stunning photo in Iceland.  We recommend Þórsmörk, Skaftafell, and Jökulsárgljúfur. Al places with magnificent landscape and motives and great opportunities during the low pink sunlight.

In the north region, the sun doesn’t go down

In the northern part of Iceland, you might want to stay up until one in the night to experience the sun touching the horizon and going up again.  It is a magnificent sight and the kind of sunset and sunrise in one.  Among the places, ideal for this is Ásbyrgi and Húsavík and the Tjörnes peninsula.  Whether you are traveling in the north or planning a trip on the Ring Road, you might want to take time during this period and find a good spot to view and photograph the sunset/sunrise in Iceland.

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