Advantages in visiting Iceland during winter

  • Goðafoss during winter
  • Driving in the highland in Iceland during winter
Nov 6 2016

Much of the photos from Iceland are naturally stunning pictures of natural wonders during the blooming summer months. Waterfalls surrounded by colorful vegetation, gray and green moss over fields of lava, rhyolite mountains with stunning colors and stunning overview of beautiful fjords and the list can go on. In winter most of the landscape is either covered with snow or quite monotonous and colorless. But that doesn't necessarily make it less interesting.  There are many photo opportunities in the autumn and winter.  An overview of mountains covered with snow, small beautiful creeks finding their way between banks of snow, frozen waterfalls with unusual formations and even places where hot springs and frost play all kind of games with our sight. And last but not least we should mention the many interesting opportunities with the Aurora Borealis in the background. Places with the white landscape you can find to put in the foreground when the northern lights of many colors are moving behind.   Even in the autumn when no snow has arrived the months of September, and October have exceptionally clear skies which make grand scale landscape photography very appealing.  Of all the opportunities photographing a frozen waterfall is probably the most interesting as it is a lot of fun and often gives incredible results.  This is a photo of one of our most visited waterfall Goðafoss during winter and frozen.