Animals of all kinds are often part of the view while driving and traveling in Iceland

  • Beautiful horses are almost part of the landscape
  • Animals of all kinds are often part of the view while driving and traveling in Iceland
Jan 24 2017

Although most visitors drive around Iceland going from one natural wonder to another, they are usually driving through quite a scenic landscape most of the time. Even when driving from one beautiful waterfall to another visitors are often driving on the road with an extensive view over a vast area of black sand or a picturesque countryside.  In the background, you usually have mountains, a glacier or even a glacier tongue forcing its way to the ocean. You never drive for a long time through a forest with a limited view on both sides and nothing but trees mile after mile. Adding to the scenic view is often a long drive in fjords where you will find streams of water flowing down mountain slopes and lakes and rivers at the bottom of the fjords. It is an ideal place for those who love a wide view with a lot of things to see while driving.  

Birds, horses and other fascinating animals are part of the scenic drive in Iceland

In addition to the view, you will also see a lot of animals, both domestic animals, and wild animals. This is especially true for birds, and you will see many species of birds while on a road trip in Iceland.  You will also see a lot of beautiful horses, cows, and sheep. One of the dangers on the road in Iceland, like the Ring Road, are people stopping their car to photograph animals. Sometimes people do not sense the danger this can create on a narrow road. But sometimes the fascination of the view and the beautiful animals is just so overwhelming that people find it necessary to stop on the spot and take a photo.  The combination of animals in a magnificent landscape is simply so beautiful but remember that this can be very dangerous when on a narrow road.

Although Iceland has many species of animals, there are no dangerous animals

Almost on every road, you travel you will find and see animals. On the other hand, the higher the altitude, the fewer the animals.  The wonderful fact though is that there are no dangerous animals in Iceland. There is no chance that you will be attacked by an animal wherever you are in Iceland.  Wherever you are camping and wherever you are hiking.

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