Camper winter travel video in Iceland

  • Anders Lönnfeldt Photographer & filmmaker
Apr 30 2017

Anders Lönnfeldt Photographer & filmmaker sent us this video from his trip to Iceland. Anders and his girlfriend traveled during winter a few weeks ago in a camper, which is unusual at that time of the year.  So in addition to the beautiful landscape, they experienced snowstorms, slippery roads, and a variety of weather.   Interestingly Anders filmed the tour and submitted his interesting video on Vimeo. The video is great and gives a good idea of how Iceland is in winter.

Anders short report with the Video

“Iceland has been on my travel list for a long time, and finally it was time to visit this extraordinary country. I booked a trip together with my girlfriend, and since we wanted to be mobile and flexible, we also booked a motorhome. We had traveled with a motorhome once before, and we really liked it. During our previous travels and road trips, I have had my camera with me but only for photography. This time I wanted to shoot video and make some a travel video. I built a lightweight camera rig from what I could find in my studio. I wanted to be able to just pick up the camera from my bag and shoot directly without any hassle. That way I would be able to capture the best footage. We were not that lucky with the weather and ended up driving through a snowstorm for several days. But I think the bad weather actually gives the video a nice atmosphere.”

Is Iceland a whole different country in winter?

For those who have the image of Iceland as a green, blue and shining nature like many of the photos from Iceland show, this is quite different.  But also impressive as the atmosphere in the video is mystical and does not convey the typical feeling of a vacation.  But then again it is also the time we have defined as the least interesting to visit Iceland.

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