Capturing Hjálparfoss waterfall

  • Capturing Hjálparfoss waterfall
Jun 13 2017

Iceland is a paradise for photographers.  The motives and natural wonders all around the country are almost infinitive. But apart from the motives, there are also other important factors involved. As applies to all landscape photography, time of day, time of year, different seasons, weather and other factors play a role.  One difference that you need to account for and have in mind though is the sharp difference between seasons.  Every one of the four seasons has their unique characteristics.  Flora and fauna are different, the temperature is different and the time with proper light is different.  One interesting thing about light is fortunately not different, and that is the stretch of the “golden hour.”  Up north on the planet, the sun takes more time to sink into the horizon, which gives you more time than usual to calibrate your gear and capture your motive.

Photographing waterfalls

There are waterfalls in Iceland that have many faces in the sense that you can shoot them from many angles and the results are stunning.  But then there are others that have few angles and some that basically have one.  Hjálparfoss waterfall is a beautiful waterfall, but there is only one way to taka a photo of that waterfall, right in front of it.  Even though you can throw in some variety deepening on the season, it is a beautiful waterfall from the same angle.  One other small difference in addition to the season is the angle of the lenses, defining how much foreground and background you choose to have in your photo.  But almost all photos from that angle are stunning.


Hjálparfoss waterfall is located in the valley Þjórsárdalur.  It is a part of the river Fossá that originates in the lower part of the Highland north of Þjórsárdalur and merges with Þjórsá not far from the waterfall. When driving from Reykjavík on the Ring Road (1), you take the road (30) northbound and turn east on the road (32) after approximately 30 minutes.  After driving your car for 20 minutes or so you will see a sign by road (3361) that says Hjálparfoss, and you are basically there.

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