Cruising to Iceland

  • Cruising to Iceland
Jun 9 2017

Increasing number of tourists in Iceland arrive on a ship or a cruise.  One of the largest ships sailing to Iceland is MSC Prezi¬osa.  The enormous ship has scheduled three tours to Iceland this summer, and it is hard to miss when in the harbor in the small city of Reykjavík.   Almost towering above all buildings in the city and bringing thousands of tourists for a few days stay in the city.  Sailing by the shore of Iceland is a fascinating way to visit and gives a rare view of the country from the Atlantic Ocean.

A stay in Reykjavík is always an interesting option

Passengers on a cruise stopping in Reykjavík usually have a few days to visit some of the fascinating natural wonders Iceland has to offer.  It is not unusual to visit the Reykjanes Peninsula, the Golden Circle, and the South Shore when staying in Reykjavik.  And there are also many options for those who want to stay in Reykjavík.  Walking from the harbor to downtown by the shore from the harbor and view some of the artwork on the sculpture shore walks.  A walk to Perlan for a view over the city is also an interesting option. 

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