Eldheimar museum in Vestmannaeyjar

  • Eldheimar museum in Vestmannaeyjar
Jul 4 2017

Eldheimar museum in Vestmannaeyjar is a new highly interesting museum, built to commemorate the event in 1973 when eruption started at the edge of this town of 5.800 inhabitants. It is a unique event in history and probably on the planet as the fissure opened practically in the small town located on a small island of Heimaey island. The evacuation of the whole town population in a few hours was unprecedented. In the museum, the story is told in a spectacular way using objects from the eruption and state of the art technology. A story of the evacuation, recovery and the reconstruction of the town. Yes, despite these devastating events people actually moved back to the island moths after the eruption ended.  It is a wonderfully modern and digitally advanced museum totally worth visiting and spend an hour and a half.