Increasing numbers of tourists choose to rent a car

  • tourists in Iceland choose to rent a car
Oct 20 2015

Increasing numbers of tourists in Iceland choose to rent a car, or bring their vehicle, and drive to interesting places and destinations, or even around the coastline on the Ring Road. This is both possible and convenient for some reasons. One main reason is the fact that along the coastlines are many towns and villages with all kinds of services; accommodation, cafés, restaurants, small convenient stores, camping areas, gas stations and possibly a museum or two.

There are around fifty towns and villages around the coastline, and there is never a long distance to the next town or the next gas station. Most of the roads are good asphalt roads although some parts are still gravel roads; almost none on the Ring Road. The towns and villages thus form a kind of infrastructure for those who choose to travel on their own. And most of the time, the view on the road is spectacular.