The most famous of the Icelandic Sagas

  • The most famous of the Icelandic Sagas
Oct 6 2015

The island Drangey in Skagafjörður in the Northern Region and Grettir, the strongest Icelander ever, are inseparable, possibly forever. The story of Grettir is one of the most famous and impressive of the Icelandic Sagas. Grettir was probably one of the most interesting persons in the Sagas. From an early age, he was ill-tempered, quiet and troublesome. Most of his life he managed to find his way into trouble and disputes. After killing some people here and there, intentionally or accidentally, he finally became an outlaw. Although a big man and exceptionally strong, even for someone living in the Viking age, he was terribly frightened of the dark. Mainly after a very long fight with the cruel and mean ghost Glámur. After Grettir had been outlawed, he made this island, Drangey, his home, and fortress for many years. He lived there with his younger brother and his slave. At one point, he swam from the island to the shore to fetch fire because he couldn't stand the darkness on the island. Some failed attempts were made to kill him on the island, which was difficult since there is only one way up from the shore. In the end, his enemies had to use magic to kill him. Like all the other Icelandic Sagas, this is a true story, with ghosts and magic included, that happened almost a thousand years ago, which makes a trip to Drangey more exciting. It is still hard and dangerous to climb to the top at Drangey. But with the specialists that guide you up and some preparation it is doable for the average individual.