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Renting a car and driving around the country in Iceland is by far the best way to travel. By hiring a car, visitors can organize a road trip that fits their budget and schedule. They can choose how much time to spend at a particular stop, a natural wonder or a museum. But there are three things you need to consider when selecting a rent a car for your travel in Iceland. The roads to the places you intend to visit, the time of year when visiting and the weather. All factors that in one way or the other define what kind of car you should rent. Hit Iceland has partnered with a local Car Rental that has the knowledge and the goal to provide you with the safest and best vehicle for your trip. Read our article and recommendation on how to select the best Rent A Car. for your vacation.

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Iceland is a small island that has only one International Airport.  Keflavík Airport is the place where almost all visitors arrive.  It is the best place to pick up your car and most of the rent a car companies deliver their cars at Keflavík airport.  There are many rent a car companies in Iceland and the airport is a good place to find a car that fits for your tour.  If you want to have everything ready when you arrive you should rent a car online.  This site lets you quickly compare prices from a number of rent a car firms, both international firms and local firms, and save you a lot of time on internet search. In the process you can add things you need in addition like a child seat, navigation and additional driver.

Make sure you choose the right car for the right season

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Find a car that fits for your trip to Iceland: Number of passengers, time of year, items in luggage, roads to travel, places to visit and more.