Snæfellsnes Peninsula day tour adventure from Reykjavík

Snæfellsnes Peninsula day tour adventure from Reykjavík

The Snæfellsnes Peninsula is one of the Regions in Iceland that offers an impressive scenic drive, many exciting attractions and natural wonders.  At the end is the Snæfellsjökull glacier towering over the landscape and dominating the view with its mystical power. A power sensed by many locals and visitors alike and inspired literary giants like Jules Verne and our Nobel Prize winner Halldór Laxnes. 
3 persons minimum 

Snæfellsnes Peninsula Tour

The three old trading and fishing hamlets

This tour begins with a visit to the old trading post at Búðir.  Here you will find and the ideal place to view the magnificent Snæfellsnes southern shore and the embracing lava.  From Búðir we continue to Arnarstapi the tiny fishing hamlet.  The tiny dock is still used for small fishing boats enhancing the whole atmosphere and of the place. From Arnarstapi you can walk the roughly one-hour stunning shore walk to Hellnar where you will see magnificent cliffs, lively birdlife, and stunning basalt column formations.  From Hellnar you have a great view to the glacier giving a stunning background to the lava and mountains. 

Snæfellsnes Peninsula tour at Arnarstapi

The remarkable pebble beaches, stacks and rock formations

From Hellnar we drive to two small beaches.  Both are beautiful sights, and both also have a fascinating history.  Here you also take an enjoyable walk through the lava with a spectacular view of various stacks on the shore between the beaches.  Our next stop is the golden sands of Skarðsvík bay and the fascinating Saxhóll, Reed Basalt Crater.  At the end of the tour, it is optional to drive to the Bjarnarhöfn Shark Museum or the edge of the glacier. The unique beauty and powerful but quiet energy of Snæfellsnes will not leave you untouched.

Tour location : 

  • West region

Starting place / town : 

  • Reykjavík

Tour : 

  • Super Jeep


9 to 11 hours


Guided tour with driver

What to bring: 

Please bring warm clothes, a camera, and some snacks for the ride like a sandwich and water.  The driver will stop at service stations with small roadside convenience stores where you can purchase food and snacks.

Pick up time at preferred location: 

09:00 in the morning