The sails, puffins and whales tour at Húsavík

The sails, puffins and whales tour at Húsavík

At Húsavík town in the Northern Region, you are in the whale watching capital of Iceland and possibly the world. This whale watching tour is unique as you take the tour on a traditional Icelandic sailing boat. It is an experience quite unlike any other taking the course under sails aiming to see the magnificent animals of the ocean. It is a combination of adventure and anticipation. 

whale watching at husavik sailboat

Fascinating animals in their natural environment

Tins sailing tour combines whale watching, puffin watching and a sailing adventure on board of one of the oak sailing ships; Hildur or Haukur. On board, you experience the atmosphere of past times in Icelandic coastal and fishing culture by setting sails or even assisting the skipper. The sailing ship takes you to Lundey, the Puffin Island, as well as the traditional whale watching areas. It is the ultimate fun of whale watching. 

whale watching husavik sailboat

Sailing at Skjálfandi bay by Húsavík

As with other whale watching tours from Húsavík town in the northern region in Iceland, you will experience a spectacular view when sailing at Skjálfandi bay. On the way, it is always possible to see a humpback or a group of whales. If you are lucky, you might even catch on of the breaching.

whale watching in Húsavík sailboat

Tour location : 

  • Northern region

Starting place / town : 

  • Húsavík

Tour : 

  • Whale Watching


Approximately 4 hours


Hot chocolate, cinnamon buns and "the captain's privilege". A guide expert in whales, birds and sailing. Children under 7 years: Free

What to bring: 

Warm overalls and raincoats if needed. Camera and have it ready and configured as a whale might breach at any time.