Traveled to Iceland last summer visiting many interesting places and natural wonders

Sjoerd van der Verff
  • Sjoerd van der Verff traveled to Iceland last summer from June 11th to June 24th in 2016
Friday, 20. January 2017

Visitors who have traveled to Iceland sometimes send us photos, articles from their tour and videos to share. This is much appreciated and wonderful since we love hearing from people who travel our country and are prepared to share their experience. Almost all of the messages that we get are very positive and even up to a point where it is almost unbelievable. Sometimes when we are on the road, we ask people visiting Iceland about their experience. Most of the time when they are in front of a magnificent waterfall or looking at a geothermal steam not to mention viewing an iceberg floating on an iceberg lagoon people are so thrilled that we are almost on the edge of believing the reaction. And sometimes we ask them again just to make sure that they are actually as thrilled as the say. We have often asked people if they might be saying this because we are Icelandic and they just want to be polite. Almost all would say that the thrill of viewing the natural wonders in Iceland is so incredible that they are stunned. They are seeing things they have never seen before and experiencing feelings of joy and peace.

Video from visits to some of the natural wonders in Iceland

Sjoerd van der Verff traveled to Iceland last summer from June 11th to June 24th in 2016. He sent us this video covering some of the most popular attractions in Iceland at the height of the tourist season. In the video you see ÞingvellirAlmannagja, Gullfoss, Reynisfjara, Skógafoss, Seljalandsfoss and Gjáin. Here is his take on the trip: “And I can tell it was amazing. Such a beautiful land, and very nice people, very helpful and kind. Some friends back home in Holland were jealous when they saw my photo's and this video, some of them are actually going to Iceland this summer because of mine experience! And I can tell that this was my first time alone in Iceland, but definitely not the last time, I want to go back real soon!” We hope you enjoy the video and come visit us soon.