• Grábrók is a crater formed by a fissure eruption approximately three thousand years ago.

Grábrók is a crater formed by a fissure eruption approximately three thousand years ago. The fissure that initially opened during that eruption wasn't very long but left behind Grábrók and her two crater sisters that can be seen when on top. Also, from the top the massive lava about seven square kilometers that surfaced in that eruption is visible.  It is a sight of geological interest comparable to Lakagígar, the Laki craters in the Icelandic Highland accessible from the Southern Region. The view from the top is not only interesting because of the lava. It is an impressive view over the most beautiful part of the Western Region Borgarfjörður and the tiny but beautiful lake Hreðarvatn, that was formed during that eruption.  To the northwest is a view to Baula a cone shaped and colorful mountain.

The walk to the top is quite easy as the crater is only about 170 meters high (560 feet).  There is a good path up to the top with manmade steps.  It is one of the natural sights that are basically on the Ring Road in Iceland and has been popular among Icelanders for decades.

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Snæfellsnes Peninsula day tour from Reykjavík

The Snæfellsnes Peninsula is one of the Regions in Iceland that offers an impressive scenic drive, many exciting attractions and natural wonders.  At the end is the Snæfellsjökull glacier towering over the landscape and dominating the view with its mystical power. A power sensed by many locals and visitors alike and inspired literary giants like Jules Verne and our Nobel Prize winner Halldór Laxnes. 
3 persons minimum 

Viking Sushi

Have you ever tasted fresh scallops straight from the sea? If not then the "VikingSushi Adventure" is the right boat tour for you - seafood simply doesn´t come fresher than this! Operating from Stykkishólmur town on the northern side of Snæfellsnes Peninsula.  In all the growing flora of tours and entertainment for visitors in Iceland, this spectacular tour has been around for more than thirty years and is among the most interesting things you can do in Iceland. It is a very original tour based on an idea only someone local can come up with.  A Bird & Nature Watching Tour for everyone all year around. It is a combination of sailing, viewing small islands and spectacular landscape, birdwatching and tasting seafood as fresh as it gets.