Keilir mountain

  • Mount Keilir on the Reykjanes Peninsula

Apart from the Snæfellsjökull glacier, Mount Keilir on the Reykjanes Peninsula is possibly the most painted mountain in Iceland. This perfectly cone-shaped mountain has always fascinated artists. It is renowned for the colorful display of lights and shadows surrounding it at dawn and dusk, often bathing the mountain in a mythical light.

Keilir is a palagonite mountain. It was formed during a sub-glacial eruption during the Ice age. Still, Keilir is not a stratovolcano, like the Snæfellsjökull glacier or the famous Eyjafjallajökull glacier that are cone-shaped volcanoes erupting at relatively regular intervals. Keilir was formed through a single eruption beneath a dense Ice age glacier. Such volcanoes are usually palagonite mountains and they erupt only once.

Keilir is only about 380 meters high and relatively easy to climb. The mountain is very popular amongst hikers.  The view from the top is spectacular. During the years, two trails have formed on the east side of the mountain. It is wise to stick to those trails, as the mountain's gravel is quite loose. On the top, you will find an observation platform with an excellent overview of the Reykjavík Peninsula. There you can appreciate how extremely geologically active the area has been throughout the centuries.

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Below is the location of Keilir on the map of Iceland