Vatnsfjörður fjord

  • Vatnsfjordur in the West Fjords in Iceland


When in Iceland, it is impossible not to notice the wind. The weather very rarely stays still.  Except in Vatnsfjörður, a nature reserve on the south coast of Vestfirðir. It is believed to have been the settlement of the very first Norseman who deliberately sailed to the west in search of Iceland. His name was Flóki, but always named Hrafna-Flóki (Raven-Flóki) and arrived before the 9nth century, a few decades before Iceland was proper settlement started in Iceland.  No wonder Flóki chose the tranquil Vatnsfjörður with its wonderful vegetation, the rivers and the sea full of fish, great birds in the air and geothermal facilities.

The bedrock in the area is part of the Tertiary Basalt Formation, dating back 10 to 13 million years. It means the landscape has been shaped and molded by Ice Age glaciers. You will find glacial dikes throughout the area as well as natural geothermal pools.

With a mild climate and warm summers Vatnsfjörður sports magnificent bird life. The Eider Duck is a common sight on the fjord and during April and May you most certainly will spot the Harlequin duck. Commonly sighted are the Sea Eagles and the Gyrfalcon; the Arctic Fox roams the area, and Seals inhabit the reef on the Hörgsnes Peninsula.

Read this important article written by a local expert before you choose a car.

Below is the location of Vatnsfjörður fjord on the map of Iceland