Finding a suitable accommodation in Djúpavík is a good option for those who are planning a tour the Westfjords in Iceland. Especially those who plan to visit Strandir, the eastern coast of Westfjords. Djúpavík is a tiny hamlet in Iceland. If you plan to tour the Westfjords and experience the magnificent scenic drive Strandir and visit Norðurfjörður and dip into the magnificent geothermal pool at Krossnes Djúpavík is the best option for accommodation before you to start your trip.

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Djúpavík used to be one of the busiest villages in Iceland,  but only for a very short period. Located at the Reykjarjförður on the east coast of the Westfjords, it was never an ideal site for a village or a town, but it was worth the try.  The story goes back to 1917 when an entrepreneur named Elís Stefánsson decided to build a herring factory in Djúpavík.

Djúpavík is a tiny deserted village in the West Fjords in Iceland