Anyone who visits Seyðisfjörður is captured by the beauty of the town as well as the landscape. It is a place of exceptional charm and surprisingly the only town or village around the coastline in Iceland that is located at the bottom of the fjord.  One reason might be the depth of the sea in the fjord.

Seyðisfjörður is a small town in the Eastern Region in Iceland

Although Egilsstaðir barely existed as a village or a town in 1944 when the first private home was built, today it is the largest town in the East Region in Iceland.

Egilsstaðir is a small town and the center of the Eastern Region in Iceland

Although a tiny village, Borgarfjörður Eystri has one significant advantage, it is placed in a beautiful landscape surrounded by stunning mountains.  It is one of a few remaining small municipality in Iceland that has not merged with any other municipality, which has been a major trend in recent years.  One reason is probably the distance and isolation from other towns and villages.

Borgarfjörður eystri is a tiny village in the Eastern Region in Iceland

The small village of Vopnafjörður is in the Eastern region and like its neighbours was quite isolated and remote for centuries.  Mostly due to the distance from other more populated areas and poor communication.

Vopnafjörður is a small village in the Eastern Region in Iceland