In many warmer places and countries, it is quite popular to take a nice swim in a lake. This, however, is rare in Iceland. One main reason is the temperature of the lake and another the climate in Iceland. Also, most of the lakes are quite shallow. But that does not prevent some of our visitors from trying. Try to find a lake to bath in or swim in, but more often than not, the result is rather embarrassing. These two french dudes tried to find a way to swim in one of the many lakes in Iceland and here is the result.

French dudes in Iceland

Most of the towns and villages around the coastline in Iceland owe their existence mainly to one or two prerequisites:  rich fishing grounds and trading posts.  Most of the small communities developed in the late nineteenth or early twentieth century.  Fáskrúðsfjörður or Búðir as the village's name was before people gave it the same as the fjord, is no exception.  The village has two other unus

Fáskrúðsfjörður is a small town in the Eastern Region in Iceland