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Although Iceland was an agricultural society throughout history, some areas around the coastline were fishing communities that consisted of fishing farms and fishing posts.

Street view at Vogar is a village.

Reykjanesbær or Keflavík town is the main home town of the International Airport in Iceland and is also part of the Reykjanes Peninsula drive.  Originally, Keflavik was a typical fishing farm and a fishing t

Reykjanesbær is the center town in the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland

Like, many small towns and villages by the coastline in Iceland, Sandgerði owes its existences to rich fishing grounds just off the coast.  Most of those towns are fairly new, in a historical sense, and rarely trace their history farther back than to the late nineteenth century.  Up until that time, Iceland was mostly an agricultural society, and towns like Sandgerði consisted of a cluster of f

The oldes house in Sandgerði town in Iceland

As a municipal, Grindavík located at Reykjanes Peninsula is one of the most interesting towns on the Icelandic coastline.  Interesting from the point of view of being a typical Icelandic fishing town and it is one of few towns in Iceland which survived the fishing quota system, created by the Icelandic government in 19

Grindavík is a town in the Reykjanes peninsula in Iceland