There are so many places you can go to enjoy the beautiful landscape Iceland can offer. Although we have travelled to many of them throughout the years, it was conveniently . As we sailed by the shore in the western part of Barðaströnd in the West Fjords a few years ago, we discovered a whole new way to appreciate the beauty of Iceland. We also sailed farther west in front of the natural old landing place Skor, which has a significant place in Iceland's history.

Surprising to experience the view from the sea

Although we have been to the lagoon Jökulsárlón in the South Region in Iceland to take photos dozens of times, we continue to enjoy our visit every single time. It is truly a remarkable and almost magical place that changes almost from one hour to the next. The view never stays the same. Not only does the weather and the surrounding landscape affect the outcome every time but also the amount of icebergs moving in the lagoon. At one time in the fall a few years back, the whole lagoon was empty. It was a strange sight.

The view never stays the same at Jökulsárlón

To travel over a glacier is both thrilling and dangerous. In recent decades, many Icelanders have learned how to travel over glaciers, and they have also learned when it is safe. Even though the first glacier explorers in Iceland were geologists and hikers that walked over the glaciers, today most of us snowmobile or use extremely well equipped 4X4 vehicles with huge tires. If the weather is excellent the view from the top of any accessible glacier in Iceland is usually spectacular. The photo is taken on Myrdalsjokull or Myrdal glacier.

To travel over a glacier is both thrilling and dangerous

Although the landscape and natural wonders are the most exciting attractions in Iceland there are also many attractive towns and villages with a fascinating history and noteworthy buildings. Fortunately, both authorities and residents in most towns and villages around the coastline are well aware of the cultural value those buildings have. One of the most remarkable renovations in recent years is the French Hospital in Fáskrúðsfjörður in the East Region. The whole project and its history makes the small town of Fáskrúðsfjörður among the most interesting destinations in Iceland.

French Hospital in Fáskrúðsfjörður

The mountain Hekla is the most active volcano in Iceland’s modern history. The most recent eruption was in 2000 and a number of eruptions in the last century. Today geologists maintain and predict that the volcano is due, and will erupt quite soon or even very soon. Translating the geologists terminology, it means within days, weeks, months, years and possibly decades, but very soon.

The mountain Hekla is an active volcano

In Iceland, autumn is approaching and the days are getting shorter. There is no way to predict when the first snow will hit the highland or the coast. Sometimes the first snow comes in September and sometimes not until late November. The weather in Iceland is unpredictable and without any pattern of regularity. Last weekend we stayed at the town of Seyðisfjörður in the fjord Seyðisfjörður. Our favorite time of the year to take photos in Iceland is late August through November, so we took the camera with us.

Autumn is approaching and the days are getting shorter

The farm Hraun í Öxnadal in the North Region in Iceland has a special place in every Icelanders heart. It is the birthplace of Jónas Hallgrímsson one of our most admired poets. When you drive by the farm, it is not difficult to understand how the spectacular landscape inspired Jónas in is youth. The landscape and the surrounding area is probably the reason he became a natural scientist and a poet. The farm is right on the Ring Road just before entering the town of Akureyri driving from Reykjavík and is hard to miss.

The farm Hraun í Öxnadal in the North Region

The town of Húsavík in the Northen Region in Iceland is the place to visit if you like Whale watching. It is the town where Whale watching in Iceland begin and probably the best place if you want to see the Blue Whale, the largest animal on the planet. The town also has a Whale Museum. In addition to those unusual attractions, the town is on our list of 10 most beautiful towns in Iceland. Quite near the top. It is perfect for photographers interested in photographing towns and villages in addition to landscape photography in Iceland; placed on hills by the fjord Skjálfandi.

A place to visit in Iceland if you like Whale watching

The Highland of Iceland is the perfect place for those who seek peace and quiet. The only sounds you hear are the birds and the total silence if you can hear it. There are many small ravines all over the Highland with small rivers and beautiful landscape; you can almost always find your little sanctuary. The ravine in the photo is at Hellisá, or Cave River not far from Lakagígar. It is a beautiful place that few people have visited. It is not easy to access but for those who take the few kilometer hike, it is quite rewarding.

A perfect place for those who seek peace and quiet

In recent centuries, eruptions have hit Iceland in large numbers. In most eruptions, a vast amount of lava comes to the surface and changes the landscape dramatically. Among the most spectacular formations of lava in Iceland is at Dimmuborgir, by the east shore of the lake Myvatn. It is a very impressive sight to walk in Dimmuborgir and experience the almost artistic formation that occurred about two thousand and tree hundred years ago.

It is a very impressive sight to walk in Dimmuborgir