The name Eldborg is, in essence, a geological term that means crater.  In Iceland, about seven places are bearing this name. Usually, the name has been given to a rather large and spectacular crater that doesn't go unnoticed in the landform. This applies to Eldborg by Geitahlíð located at the Reykjanes Peninsula. Equally impressive is the crater Eldborg at the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. The advantage here at Reykjanes is the easy access. Eldborg by Geitahlíð is a beautiful example of a crater that was formed in an eruption and as the outbreak stopped, and magma discontinued to flow this spectacular round form was created and molded farther by weather and winds. The height of the crater is 50 meters above sea level. When you get to the top, the inner depth is about 30 meters.  Eldborg í Geitahlíð is an excellent example of a crater, and you can walk on the rim, but caution is required.

Eldborg Reykjanes Peninsula

The small effort is worth it

When you walk up to the top, you will notice that there are a few smaller craters around Eldborg. Since this is an active volcanic area even though it has not erupted for hundreds or thousands of years, there are even a few craters nearby called small Eldborg.  When on top you will also see the lava fields that flooded from the crater and although not a very large hill the view is quite spectacular.  You have a good view of the Sveifluháls mountain ridge to the west and the shore at Reykjanes Peninsula to the south.  It is a great place to get an overview of the forces that form the land and how they interact.  The crater is also a spectacular creation and an excellent spot to take interesting photos although you might need a wide angle to capture the inside of the crater when on top. 

Finding your way to Eldborg í Geitahlíð

The best way to find Eldborg í Geitahlíð is to drive to Kleifarvatn lake on Road Krýsuvíkurleið Nr. 42 from Reykjavík towards the main road by the south shore. When you are almost at the intersection of Road 42 and Road Strandarvegur Nr. 427 you take a turn to Eldborg.  It might be best to park the car by the asphalt road as the gravel road is a tough 4X4 road. The distance to Eldborg from the asphalt road is quite short.

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Below is the location of Eldborgir / Eldborg on the map of Iceland

Eldborg crater Reykjanes Peninsular


Kleifarvatn is the largest lake on the Reykjanes Peninsula. It is situated on the fissure zone of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge a short distance from the dramatic geothermal area of Seltún.The lake is incredibly deep, 97 meters (318 feet) at its deepest point. But, its unique feature is that it has no visible surface drainage, which means there are no rivers running to or from it. Thus, the water level only changes with the ground water. Following an earthquake in the year 2000, a fissure formed at the bottom of the lake that soon began to drain. It diminished by 20 percent. Gradually though, the fissure refilled, and the lake has returned to its previous levels.

Kleifarvatn lake is a popular destination and attraction

Today, the Kleifarvatn area is gradually becoming a popular destination for hikers, joggers and bird watchers. Surrounding the lake is a comfortable trail where you can enjoy the dramatic and ever-changing landscape. The lake itself attracts the local anglers who like to fish for trout in the tranquil, colorful area. Kleifarvatn lake and the area around the lake is also a great place to view the Northern Lights.

Kleifarvatn and the area around the lake is a great place to see the Northern Lights

Kleifarvatn and the area around the lake is a great place to see the Northern Lights

Monster and crime scene in a famous Icelandic novel

The lake is believed to be inhabited by a monster. The serpent-like creature is the size of a large whale and has been spotted surfacing now and then. The lake is the setting for the crime novel The Draining Lake by one of Iceland's most prominent crime authors Arnaldur Indriðason

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Below is the location of Kleifarvatn on the map of Iceland

Lake Kleifarvatn at Reykjanes Peninsula