Although Rjúkandi is one of only a few waterfalls you can see from the Ring Road in Iceland (Road nr. 1), many visitors do not stop by Rjúkandi or tend to stop by that waterfall.  One reason is the fact that along the way at Lower Jökuldalur valley in the Eastern Region between Egilsstaðir and Akureyri there are many “road side” waterfalls running down the slopes.  Rjúkandi just seems like one of many if you don’t take the time to walk the short path to view this beautiful attraction.  The waterfall Rjúkandi is a lovely waterfall and most defiantly a place to stop by.

Take the short path to the Rjúkandi Waterfall

Rjúkandi is part of a stunning landscape at Jökuldalur valley in the Eastern Region; some attractions that are yet to be discovered.  Attractions like Stuðlafoss and Stuðlagil are places you should also consider. Through the valley lies the magnificent river Jökulsá á Brú that used to be a large glacial river running through the many small gorges hidden in the old Jökusá á Brú long canyon. Ysta Rjúkandi river is a spring fed river, one of many that today feed the beautiful river in the canyon after the glacial river was moved to Fljótsdalur valley in a massive dam project at Kárahnúkar.

On the Ring Road in Iceland just before you hit Skjödólfsstaðir

The waterfall Rjúkandi in the Eastern Region in only less than hour away from Egilsstaðir on the Ring Road nr. 1 in Iceland.  You can stop by the parking lot, and the walk up to the waterfall takes a few minutes. The parking lot is located by the road just before you reach the farm, restaurant, and accommodation at Skjöldólfsstaðir.  You also get a great view at the viewing panel in front of the waterfall, to the Jökuldalur valley.   If you want to get a view of the upper and lower waterfall you can climb a bit up the slopes. 

Rjúkandi is part of a stunning landscape at Jökuldalur valley in the Eastern Region

If you are trying to figure out how to plan an exciting vacation, Iceland should be on your list. It has many interesting places to visit. But although there are many reasons you should visit Iceland, the country that many think of as exotic, you should plan before you take a decision.  And you should seriously consider one or two of the many road trips you can drive to enjoy the various natural wonders.

Most roads are relatively easy to drive although caution is required and slow driving recommended

Although most visitors drive around Iceland going from one natural wonder to another, they are usually driving through quite a scenic landscape most of the time. Even when driving from one beautiful waterfall to another visitors are often driving on the road with an extensive view over a vast area of black sand or a picturesque countryside.  In the background, you usually have mountains, a glacier or even a glacier tongue forcing its way to the ocean. You never drive for a long time through a forest with a limited view on both sides and nothing but trees mile after mile.

Beautiful horses are almost part of the landscape

Few places that are popular tourist attractions in Iceland are photographed more than Seljalandsfoss waterfall. There are many reasons as anyone can see by doing a image search on Google. To begin with it is without doubt a beautiful waterfall and an astonishing creation of nature. It is located by the Ring Road in Iceland and is easily accessible for anyone who has a car.

Best time to photograph Seljalandsfoss

Sometimes we get questions through our Facebook or Google+ or even direct through e-mail, and people ask about various things like driving in winter in Iceland, driving on gravel roads in Iceland, when to travel in the highlands, how to cross rivers and much more.  A few days ago we got a question regarding a trip on the Ring Road in the winter. 

Driving in winter in Iceland is often very difficult and can be dangerous


One of the most visited and admired natural wonders in Iceland is the glacier lagoon Jökulsárlón. It is a lagoon or a lake at the end of a glacier tongue.  When the ice breaks from the tongue it floats on the lake and melts and finally floats out to the Atlantic Ocean.  The location is just perfect on the coastline by the main road circling around the island, Road Nr. 1. This easy access is one of the reasons the lagoon is so popular.  You are basically in proximity to astonishing melting icebergs recently fallen from the glacier just by parking your car.  Just around the corner by Jökulsárlón another lagoon Fjallsárlón is also quite accessible but smaller and not visible from Road Nr. 1.  

Although smaller Fjallsárlón has an advantage

Approximately 10 kilometers before you come to Jökulsárlón from the west there is a turn on your left to Fjallsárlón.  A new service center has opened and you can also take a tour on the lagoon. You can stop by the parking lot by the service center and over a small hill and you will have the lagoon Fjallsárlón in front of you.  As the lagoon is much smaller you have a better view of the whole lagoon and a much better view of the edge of the tongue where the icebergs fall into the water.  This part of the glacier tongue is ofthe very photogenic and adds a perfect background to the lagoon.

Access to Fjallsárlón is easy

Although not visible from the main Road Nr. 1, ofthe referred to as the Ring Road, Fjallsárlón is practically on the Ring Road.  It is about 110 kilometers east of the small village Kirkjubæjarklaustur. When you stop by the parking lot you need to walk a short path over the hill north from the parking lot to see the lagoon. 

Below is the location of Fjallsárlón lagoon on the map of Iceland

Approximately 10 kilometers before you come to Jökulsárlón from the west there is a turn on your left to Fjallsárlón
Iceland Holidays

A road trip is something you should consider if you plan to visit Iceland. For a vacation a road trip is one of the best options if you want to see some of the famous natural wonders.  Most of the visitors want to see waterfalls, hot springs, lagoons, canyons, mountains, fjords, northern lights or other captivating things in the Icelandic nature.  If you are well prepared, you will most likely enjoy your trip enormously. You might also want to know what kind of car you should rent?

Select the Road Trip that fits you holiday plan and vacation in Iceland

There are just so many things to see and so many places to visit when planing holidays in Iceland. Unfortunately, some of our visitors do not prepare but arrive without a plan.  Without an idea what they are going to do and where they are going.  Even those who are prepared, sometimes prepare for a place that is not accessible because of the weather or time of year. We can not emphasize often enough that a good preparation and a good plan is essential for an enjoyable trip in Iceland. You should understand when is the best time to visit Iceland and also the worst when you plan a trip to Iceland. On this page, we have written about and planned some of the most interesting driving tours and self-drive you can take to make your stay as wonderful as possible. What we have in mind is the time it takes and giving you the best chance to visit as many natural wonders as possible.


You should just dive into the road trips and plan and determine which will fit into your schedule

Flögufoss is an impressive waterfall in the valley Breiðdalur in eastern Iceland.  It is a fairly high waterfall, around 60 meters, and located in beautiful surroundings with geology speaking out loud from every angle. In the midst of the geologically fascinating valley Breiðdalur.  Near the top of the waterfall, there is another small waterfall falling on a terrace and from that terrace the waterfall runs through a small stone arch all the way down to the bottom of the cliff.  Interestingly although the whole setup is thousands of years old, the waterfall changed its path to run through the stone arch only two decades ago.  The old waterfall path can be seen at the top by the arch’s side. Possibly some elves anticipated the growing tourism in Iceland and wanted to give the waterfall a natural wonder makeover. Whatever the reason, this has given the waterfall Flögufoss a much more striking look.

A waterfall with stunning surroundings

Behind the top of the waterfall, there is a magnificent mountaintop called Smátindsfjall or Smallpeakmountain. These are a group of steep and high peaks made of basalt over thousands of years ago. The peaks can also be seen from the next fjord Berufjörður south of Breiðdalsvík and Breiðdalur.  On that side, on the other hand, they are called Smátindur or Smallpeak.

Flögufoss is easily accessible from route one on the Ring Road

Flögufoss is easily accessible and only a few minutes drive from the main road 1 on the Icelandic Ring Road in Breiðdalur to a parking lot.  From the parking lot, there is a 15 minutes light hike to the waterfall. Wen driving from Breiðdalsvík you take a left turn on road 966 or a right turn coming from Egisstaðir, and you can't miss it The best way to get a good view is to walk up the slope on the left side until you see the whole waterfall, the stone arch and the mountain peak in the background.  But for photographers, there is a great challenge to combine this from a new angle and bear in mind that this waterfall has not been photographed very often.

Below is the location of Flögufoss on the map of Iceland

Flögufoss is easily accessible and only a few minutes drive from the main road one on the Icelandic Ring Road in Breiðdalur to a parking lot.


Klifbrekkufossar is a name for a series of small waterfalls one above the other at the bottom of the fjord Mjóifjörður in eastern Iceland. The waterfalls are a spectacular sight around 90 meters high and the best way to see them all in the same view is actually from the road and by the roadside at the bottom of the falls.  There is limited if any advantage to getting any closer or even climbing the side of the waterfalls to get a "better" view. 

Fed by multiple sources of water on the heath Mjóafjarðarheiði

The water coming from the top feeding the waterfall in the river Fjarðará is a spring-fed river and therefore not contaminated with dirt and various materials like the many glacial rivers in Iceland.   This makes the river quite clear and clean and gives the waterfalls an incredible feeling of purity. The river accumulates water from many sources in the heath above that goes up to one thousand and one hundred meters filled with small springs and lakes.

A waterfall only open in summer months

The name Klifbrekkufossar can be translated as Climbingslopewaterfalls.  The slope refers to the Mjóifjörður side of the mountain pass at Mjóifjörður heath that leads from the main road between Reyðarfjörður and Egilsstaðir on road 953 in Iceland to the fjord Mjóifjörður. The drive is 17 kilometers to the bottom of the fjord. 
Unfortunately, for waterfall lovers, the waterfalls are only accessible from June until September as the mountain pass leading to the narrow fjord is closed in winter. 

The waterfall should be referred to as a single waterfall

Although most often referred to as a series of waterfalls and the name is in plural, Klifbrekkufossar should be seen a single waterfall falling the 90 meters on a series of ledges.  It is by any measure one of the most spectacular sights in Iceland and among the most beautiful waterfalls in the country. 

Below is the location of Klifbrekkufossar on the map of Iceland

Klifbrekkufossar is a name for a series of small waterfalls one above the other at the bottom of the fjord Mjóifjörður in eastern Iceland.

How many kilometers is the ring road in Iceland and how long does it take to drive?

The best option for your trip to Iceland, the Ring Road