Helgafell or holy hillock is a farm and a small hill at Þórsnes small peninsula near Stykkishólmur town at Snæfellsnes Peninsula.  The place and the farm has a long and colorful history that we can trace back to the times of settlement.  It has always been a place of religious practices and high esteem both in paganism and Christianity. Accordingly, it was early on and for centuries a place of power and also a place of learning and education.  Helgafell is mentioned in many of the Sagas, like Laxdæla and Eyrarbyggjasaga, and was the home of famous characters in early Icelandic history like Snorri Goði and Guðrún Ósvíusdóttir. So it is not a surprise that the farm and the hillock are gaining more and more interest among visitors.

A spectacular view

Even though Helgafell is only 73 meters high, it is a point of spectacular view in all directions. That is probably one of the reasons it was considered of great value early on in Icelandic history when disputes often led to deadly battles and mobilizations. In those times it was good to have an overview of your enemies intentions especially if they came riding in large numbers grumpy faced and heavily armed.  Today as we live in more peaceful times, it is an excellent place to see the many islands in the Breiðafjörður bay and even better to get a quiet moment and a glimpse at the scenic mountains of Snæfellsnes Peninsula. If you are interested in the Sagas Helgafell gives a good overview of the scene of Eyrabyggjasaga and also partly Laxdæla. 

Helgafell or holy hillock famous at Snæfellsnes Peninsula

When you come up, you can walk into the ruins that are traced back to the 10th century and repeat the wishes in silence

Folklore of three wishes that could be to your advantage

A shepherd working for one of the first settlers at Helgafell, Thorstein Cod Biter, had a spiritual experience that affected him much at Helgafell.  It was on the same day the Cod Biter drowned in Breiðafjörður bay. This event enhanced the spiritual value of the hillock significantly.  According to folklore magical forces remain attached to Helgafell.  So if you are visiting this place for the first time, you are granted three wishes. But you need to climb the hillock in complete silence, and you can under no circumstances turn around and look back while walking up.  When you come up, you can walk into the ruins that are traced back to the 10th century and repeat the wishes in silence. And keep in mind that the wishes can only be of good nature if they are to come thru.

A great view to the islands at Breiðarfjörður bay from Helgafell

A great view to the islands at Breiðarfjörður bay from Helgafell

Finding your way to Helgafell

Driving to Helgafell is a simple matter.  When driving Snæfellsnesvegur Nr. 54 and you come to the intersection to Stykkishólmur Nr. 58 you drive approximately 5 kilometers and take a right turn on the road Nr. 5772 Helgafell.  There is a small service center with information, restrooms and a parking space.  The fee is 400 Icelandic kronur pr. person. 



Even though Helgafell is only 73 meters high, it is a point of spectacular view in all directions

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Viking Sushi with Sæferðir Stykkishólmur Snæfellsnes

Taste the delicious fresh food

Here you will try the delicious fresh scallops and sea urchin roe straight from the ocean. You will be amazed by the selection drawn aboard the boat in one catch. The variety is a spectacular sight and a trigger for every child's curiosity.  Soy sauce, wasabi, and ginger will make this a special Sushi-event for you.

Sæfeðir tour at Snæfellsnes Peninsula

Experience nature and birdlife

You will experience many birds like puffins, cormorants, shags, kittiwakes and possibly the majestic white-tailed eagle. You will also explore the strongest ocean currents in Iceland and beautiful basalt rock formations on some of the small islands.

Birdlife and you will see puffins with Sæferðir Viking Sushi

The VikingSushi Tour is a real adventure sailing through our incredible nature and should not be missed by any visitor to Iceland.  We at Hit Iceland took this tour first thirty years ago and again in 2016, and it is a thrilling adventure. It is highly recommended. 

If you are ready the VikingSushi Tour is a guided tour and takes roughly 2 hours. And you can book here.




Viking Sushi Feast

Finding a hotel, a guesthouse or suitable accommodation in Stykkishólmur is a good option for those who are traveling the Snæfellsnes Peninsula in Iceland. Stykkishólmur is one of the nicest and beautiful small towns in Iceland and on our top then list of towns and villages in Iceland. If you plan to tour Snæfellsnes Peninsula to visit and experience all the magnificent natural wonders offered in the region like Rauðfeldsgjá, Gerðuberg, and Arnarstapi, Stykkishólmur good place to stay.
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Stykkishólmur accommodation in West Region in Iceland

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Stykkishólmur Accommodation

If you want to enjoy Iceland, be sure to take it real slow and easy. Fast-forwarding through the island can give you a lot to exclaim about, but if you take the soulful way, it will give you so much to enjoy. There are many hidden treasures lying around. Brjánslækur may not look like much from the outset. It is, of course, the jetty for the ferries to Stykkishólmur on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, via Flatey. Most people immediately leave the dock and hurry off to somewhere else. But, apart from being by the beautiful and pristine Vatnsfjörður, this particular spot in Iceland has Surtarbrandsgil.

In Surtarbrandsgil, you will find the best-preserved plant fossils in Vestfirðir, approximately 12 million years old. Leaf traces from various types of plants are quite clear, i.e. maple, elm, spruce and pine. The fossils are very beautiful but also educational. They tell us that the climate in Iceland 12 million years ago was similar to the Mediterranean climate today.

A short distance away, by the shoreline, you will find the ruins Flókatóftir. They are believed to be the ruins of Hrafna-Flóki's settlement. The ruins of the first houses raised in Iceland.


Brjánslækur is the jetty for the ferries to Stykkishólmur on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula

It might surprise many people that visit Iceland and travel around the country, how many towns and villages have a kind of short history.  Although the settlement in Iceland started around 870, most of the towns and villages began to develop around the middle of the 19th century, and some even at the beginning of the 20th century.

Stykkishólmur is a town in the Snæfellsnes peninsula in the Western Region in Iceland