The Westfjords is the northwest part of Iceland that sticks out like a head of an animal.  It is the place that offers the most spectacular scenic drive in the country with its many fjords, impressive cliffs, spectacular colorful beaches, high mountains with steep slopes, rivers, mountain passes with rolling mountains, waterfalls, birdlife and geothermal pools, to name some of the most spectacular attractions.  In the flora of natural wonders, it is more like a stand-alone natural wonder with many ingredients rather than a place where you d

Westfjords Road Trip in Iceland is the perfect scenic drive

Iceland has so many waterfalls that it could be labeled the country of the thousand waterfalls, just as Finland is often labeled the land of thousands of lakes. In some fjords, like the beautiful Mjóifjörður in the East Region water seems to float down the mountains every 50 meters in the 18 kilometers fjord, on both sides.  In the Highland, you can hardly walk a few kilometers without running into some a creek or a river that has a fall at some point.  But it is not only the water, be it glacial or a clear spring water, but also the beauty of how the waterfalls that capture our attention. Most of these waterfalls don't even have a name.

Waterfalls are natural wonders

Most of the time we look at the waterfalls with admiration as the water continually finds it way over a cliff, in a riff or down a slope. The most spectacular ones have a name, and some are so stunning that people consider them a natural wonder. In Iceland, we have many such waterfalls. At least 10 to 15 waterfalls are major tourist attractions in Iceland.

Waterfall at Steingrímsfjarðarheiði in the West Fjords

Some waterfalls are impressive and even beautiful but lack the appropriate location and surrounding. One such waterfall is by the road in the West Fjords at the mountain pass or Morse Steingrímsfjarðarheiði.  To our knowledge, the waterfall doesn't have a name.  It is located in a harsh environment and often the surrounding snow doesn't disappear during summer because of the continuing cold. But the waterfall is quite stunning and deserves attention.  Most of the visitors drive by, but it is entirely worth it to stop and view this delightful waterfall which, by the way, is quite photogenetic. 

One such waterfall is by the road in the West Fjords at the mountain pass or Morse Steingrímsfjarðarheiði.

In Iceland, you can find many small geothermal pools. Something a lot of visitors and tourists are both interested in seeing and willing to dip into.  Some of the pools only fit four to five people.  Some are even so small that they only fit two persons.  But you can also find pools that are big enough for you and a few of yours friends. The pool Hellulaug in the southern shore of West Fjords is a warm and delightful pool.

Right there on the West Fjord Ring Road

Located only a few hundred meters from the camping site Flokalundur in the famous Vatnsdalur, where the first settler in Iceland stayed for a winter.  The small pool is always open with its endless flow of warm water all year long. Anyone passing by can take a dip in the comfortable water. The water in the pool is 38 degrees centigrade and the pool is around 3 to 4 meters in diameter.

No admission fee and no service

You need to walk down a small cliff from the small parking lot by road Vestfjarðarvegur nr. 60 which is the southern part of the West Fjord ring road.  A road that is part of the West Fjord scenic route that takes you through some magnificent landscape. There is no admission and also no place to change from your cloth to your swimming suit. There is no service, just the very nice natural bath.  


The pool Hellulaug in the southern shore of West Fjords is a warm and delightful pool.