For all those cave curious travellers, Iceland having quite a collection of diverse caves, might be the perfect place to go. Here is a photograph of the entrance to the biggest one of those caves, Víðgelmir. Situated in the Hallmundarhraun lava field (West Iceland), Víðgelmir is a 1585 meter long lava tube. An expedition to the cave is interesting both for historical input as well as geographical. Traces of human habitation, most likely from the Viking Age have been found in Víðgelmir.

The biggest cave in Iceland, Víðgelmir.


If you are keen on caves, Iceland is the place for you. Hallmundarhraun in Borgarjörður is indeed the best area for exploring caves. Half an hours drive from Surtshellir is the majestic Víðgelmir. Víðgelmir is one of the most intriguing caves in Iceland. It is 1585 kilometer long. The highest point inside the cave is 15.8 meter, and its width is 16.5 meters.  Víðgelmir formed in the same eruption as Surtshellir, but it differs from other caves in various aspects. It has stunning ice formations that are constantly changing. Sometimes, the ice even closes the cave.

Deep inside the cave you will find areas with stunningly well-preserved lava stalactites and stalagmites. And, like most large caves in Iceland it used to be inhabited by outlaws. Human and animal bones, as well as jewelry from approximately the year 1000, were discovered inside the cave – but have, of course, been removed for further research.

The cave's pitfall doubles as an entrance. It is 75 meters long, 15 meters long and quite deep. Once down there, the cave starts with a narrow tunnel that leads into the main chamber. From there the cave is quite accessible all the way to the bottom.

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Below is the location of Víðgelmir on the map of Iceland

Víðgelmir is one of the most intriguing caves in Iceland.