• Old Café Rif on the Snæfellsnes peninsula has the best fish soup
    Food report: For many decades when traveling in Iceland outside Reykjavík, the best you could expect if you were looking for food, was a bad hamburger with french fries or a hot dog. Usually, the service was provided at a mini-market fast food grill by the roadside or at the entrance of a town or a village. Fortunately, this has changed dramatically for the better. Today you can find a reasonably good restaurant or café in almost all of the fifty small towns and villages around the country....
  • Somehow sheep and horses seem to be everywhere
    Somehow sheep and horses seem to be everywhere when you are driving in Iceland. The Icelandic horse is an interesting animal and is different from horses in both Europe and North America. Some people claim that the Icelandic horse is more intelligent and more independent that other horses. At least they are powerful animals, and it is always interesting to have them part of a landscape photo.
  • There are probably hundreds or thousands of waterfalls in Iceland
    There are probably hundreds or thousands of waterfalls in Iceland. When driving from Ísafjörður to Reykjavík you drive by so many waterfalls of all kinds that it would probably stretch the trip up to eight or ten hours if you wanted to stop and photograph all of them. This waterfall is not famous in any tourist attraction catalog but quite interesting. The location is in the fjord of Seyðisfjörður in Ísafjarðardjúp at the bottom of the fjord. Like so many waterfalls in Iceland, it probably...
  • Yo will always find a swimming pool near by in Iceland
    To some people, it might seem strange how many swimming pools Icelanders have around the country. Even in tiny places that are so small that we don't define the cluster of houses as a village, there is a swimming pool. Probably because Iceland is an island and also because of the long history of fishing most Icelanders know how to swim. This tiny swimming pool is at Barðaströnd in the southern part of the Wes fjord peninsula. Although small and kind of remote, the swimming pool has a great view...
  • There are many decaying buildings in the countryside in Iceland
    There are many deserted and decaying buildings in the countryside in Iceland. Many of those houses have seen better times and played an important role in the lives of people and families. After changes in the agricultural society and people started to seek better lives in towns and villages the houses stopped playing their important role. Today most of those houses are interesting subjects for photographers. Depending on the light, day of time, the day of the year, side of the house, etc. the...
  • For decades, thousands of American military personnel lived on a military base
    Reykjanesbær emerged as a town a few years ago, when two towns and rivals merged into one, Narðvík and Keflavík. For decades, thousands of American military personnel lived on a military base by Keflavík that the United States Army built during WWII. A naval base for Iceland’s defense and to secure the northern Atlantic route. The Army also built an airfield, which later became Iceland’s international airport. The military base was in operation until September 2006. During that time, thousands...
  • Fishing and fish processing is still the main means of income
    In many towns and villages around the coastline in Iceland fishing and fish processing is still the main means of income for most people. Consequently, young people have a lot of interest in the sea and are eager to learn the trait. And, fortunately, their vision of the future is connected to their village. “We intend to stay in our fjord all our live” was the message from these young fishing enthusiasts in Neskaupstaður in the Eastern Region af Iceland.
  • Originally the foundation of Perlan, the Pearl, was built as supply tanks for the geothermal heating in Reykjavík. In the eighties, the idea of a structure on top of the tanks developed and was implemented. The building was quite controversial but enforced with a determination by the Reykjavik mayor at the time, Davíð Oddsson. The project has proven to be a huge success as Perlan has become one of the major landmarks of Reykjavík and a popular spot to view and photograph Reykjavík.
  • Reykjavik today
    In recent years, Reykjavík has developed into a city with a city-like skyline. Some years ago there were only small houses visible in the “skyline”. Today the city is on a fast track to becoming a modern like city, although fortunately the city organizers have had the sense to preserve the old part of town in a proper manner.
  • Deserted houses on the ring road
    When driving from the South Region in Iceland through Breiðdalsvík on our way to Stöðvarfjörður and Fáskrúðsfjörður we drove past this old deserted house by the lighthouse. It looked kind of miserable in the fog, and we could hardly see the beautiful lighthouse. There are many old deserted houses on the ring road in Iceland. Some of them quite interesting to photograph.