• Fagrifoss is an impressive waterfall although not a mainstream tourist attraction in Iceland.


Fagrifoss is an impressive waterfall although not a mainstream tourist attraction in Iceland. One reason is the rough highland road leading to Fagrifoss that both requires a 4WD vehicle and some river crossing.  For people only used to asphalt roads and bridges on rivers, this can be difficult. But if you are somewhat adventures and prepared to spend the extra money on a four wheel drive car in addition to driving at a speed of 15km per hour, you should defiantly visit this waterfall.  Most of those visiting Fagrifoss also continue on the highland road to Laki, Tjarnargígur and Lakagígar, the craters that produced most of the surrounding lava in the massive eruption in 1784.

Among the highest waterfalls in Iceland

Fagrifoss is 80 meters high and is in the river Geirlandsá.  There is a good parking lot near the waterfall in an area that seems to be all lowland. It is almost impossible to see until you stand in front of it. But when you approach Fagrifoss a deep and rather a large gorge opens below where the river Geirlandsá falls in this beautiful waterfall.  You can view Fagrifoss from the edge, and just recently a viewing panel was set up which gives a fantastic view of Fagrifoss.  Probably the best spot to really enjoy the magic of such a natural wonder. 

Access is difficult but a new kind of fun if you are careful

The waterfall Fagrifoss or The Beautiful Waterfall is located just a few meters from the highland road Lakavegur Rod Nr. F206.  Although part of the Icelandic Highland it is only 17 kilometers from the Ring Road Nr. 1.  On the south shore near the small village of Kirkjubærjarklaustur, you turn north on the Ring Road to Holtsvegur Nr. 206. After driving just two kilometers, you turn north again to the Lakavegur Road Nr. F206 that will lead you to Fagrifoss.

Read this important article written by a local expert before you choose a car.

Below is the location of Fagrifoss waterfall on the map of Iceland