Camper car rental - the most economical and adventurous way to travel in Iceland

CampEasy is a camper rental service in Iceland with state of the art campers and first class service. Selecting a Campervan for your travel in Iceland is a smart and economical way to travel and offers many advantages. You have the freedom and mobility required to enjoy some of the most spectacular natural wonders without the worry of accommodation.

You also needn’t worry about not having enough time to enjoy the waterfalls, lagoons, hot springs and other spectacular natural wonders around the country you might plan to visit or stumble on. You control your own time, and you have the freedom to travel and experience the marvels Iceland has to offer. Getting in touch with nature is much easier when staying at some of the many low-priced quality campsites all over the country. And last but not least, you are protected from the strong winds and heavy rain that sometimes become the traveler's worst enemy in Iceland.

Camper travel in Iceland is ideal. It is the ultimate choice for a family vacation in Iceland and adds to the quality and adventure kids who come to Iceland never forget. Everywhere you drive, and everywhere you stay, you will find stunning scenery, ranging from black sand beaches to beautiful meadows, magnificent waterfalls, and beautiful glaciers. And you can park by some of those places and enjoy the peace as you inhale the view. It is the definition of family quality time. Camping in Iceland has never been easier than with CampEasy.

You can choose between five different campervans that can accommodate up to 5 people. Combine driving and camping by renting a camper in Iceland is the best way to go and probably the most economical way to take the whole family on an unforgettable adventure.