Eruption and Earthquake Lava and Volcano Center

Eruption and Earthquake Lava and Volcano Center

Are you looking for a place to shake your brain and legs?

Are you interested in Iceland and the many active natural forces like earthquakes, eruption and moving glaciers? The new Lava Center is a place you should seriously consider. The Lava Center explains the proximity and nature of the glowing magma under Iceland. 

Lava Center Iceland

The Lava Center consists of two main exhibits. On the one hand the lava exhibit and on the other hand a movie about Icelandic eruptions.  When you enter the exhibition, you start in a corridor that tells the story of a century of eruptions in Iceland.  In the next part, you go through rooms explaining the origin of volcanic activity and simulating situations when eruptions occur.  

Lava Center in Hvolsvollur Iceland

Volcano Lava Center

Tour location : 

  • Hvolsvöllur

Starting place / town : 

  • Hvolsvöllur

Tour : 

  • Museum


2 hours


Exhibition and Cinema

What to bring: 

Knowledge seeking mind