A fascinating boat tour; Birds, Eagles, and Scallops in Breiðafjörður

  • You cant wait to grab the food from the table, as fresh as you will find any food you will ever eat!
Apr 26 2016

One of the most original ideas in activity and tourism in Iceland is the boat tour at Breiðafjörður presented today as the Viking Sushi. A boat tour that has been around for more than 25 years, long before Iceland became such a popular destination.  The whole idea is based on local know-how and reminds us of the fact that people love things that are attached to curious things that they don't see anywhere else.  The boat trip takes about two hours and is nothing less than spectacular.
The islands in the broad fjord Breiðafjörður are estimated to be more than two thousand. 

Islands with interesting stories

The boat sails between and around a few that are both historically and geologically interesting.  Some of the stories go as far back as the ninth century and are connected to the first, and only, real discovery of North America.  The father and son Eiríkur the Read and his son Leif the Lucky who lived nearby are of course mentioned in this story. 

Puffins and Sea Eagle that robbed a child in the late 19th century

You will also see many species of birds in their natural surroundings, flying, finding food, feeding their young ones, diving, and swimming. One of the most beloved is, of course, the colorful Puffin and the most interesting the Icelandic Sea Eagle that we can see during the moths of April throughout May. A huge bird that once in the late 19th century grabbed and robbed my grandmother at an early age in a nearby farm to feed to its young ones. Fortunately, the child was rescued after three kilometers of flight after a heroic chase by a local farmer.

A fresh feast from the bottom of the sea

At one point the crew throws out a shellfish plow and drags it at the bottom of the sea for a few minutes.  When they lift the plow, the table on the boat is filled with food that you can eat and taste, from scallops to crabs or even shellfish or starfish if you think that is wise.  I think most people stick to the delicious scallops, and they don't get fresher than this.  So if you come to Iceland, and the Snæfellsnes Peninsula make sure to stop at Stykishólmur and take this great boat tour.  Possibly one of the most enjoyable family activity in the activity flora in Iceland. 

Einar Páll Svavarsson