A tourist came to the rescue when two friends salmon fishing at Urriðafoss needed help

  • At Urriðafoss a young man from the group of tourists took the initiative
Jun 5 2016

Yesterday while photographing at the waterfall Urriðafoss in the Southern Region in Iceland on the Ring Road we came across two gentlemen fishing for salmon.  The salmon fishing season has begun in Iceland. Their day had been exceptionally pleasant, and they were smiling with joy. While we stood on the bank both of them caught a fish, and their fishing rods swayed as the salmon tried to pull away.  It was a moment of delight and panic as no one was available to take the net to bring the fish ashore.  Usually, one helps the other, but now that both of them had fish fighting their fishing rod in the stream neither was able to help the other.   On the bank above them, a group of tourists were looking at the powerful waterfall but were apparently distracted by the exciting fight between the fish and the fishermen. As the two gentlemen tried to exhaust their fish a young man from the group of tourists took the initiative and ran down to the bank, grabbed the net and helped them pull the fish out of the stream.  The fishermen were grateful and energized by their success in salmon fishing. The tourists had a pleasant addition to the viewing of this waterfall, which has more water than any waterfall in Iceland.