Atlivík in the East Region

  • Atlavík
Feb 12 2017

It is rare to find a region, area or place in Iceland covered with trees, and a forest is impossible to find anywhere on the island. Tere are only two to three areas in the whole country that even resemble anything that could be defined as a forest.  This is completely different from large areas in Europe and in the US and many other countries where you drive for hours and only see trees on both sides of the road. The two places where you find a fairly large area of trees is Hollormstaðarkógur in the East region and Vaglaskógur in the north region.  Probably the only places where you can drive on a road with high trees on both sides. But then again this is one of the attractions in Iceland, where you have a good view, sometimes for kilometers and miles. So if you want to camp for a night in a place that resembles a forest and put your tent between high trees in Iceland the ideal location is Atlavík in Hollormstaðarskógur. It is one of the most romantic and peaceful camping sites in Iceland by the lake Lagarfljót. Peaceful except on busy and hot weekends during the summer when Icelanders rush east to enjoy the sun and the great surrounding in Atlavík. If you are traveling in the East, and even if you are traveling the Ring Road, Atlavík is a great option to camp although a few kilometers out of the way and the main road. 

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