Breaking amount of snow in Reykjavík

  • Breaking amount of snow in Reykjavík
Mar 1 2017

As expected and following the forecast by the Icelandic Med Office winter came with force. Last weekend the snow in Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland, was a record-breaking amount.  The snow was 51 centimeters and completely shut the city down for a few hours. A shutdown like this is a situation that occurs every once in awhile during winter. It actually requires a calm wind and a lot of snow in a short time. All the of the streets and main connecting roads in Reykjavík were packed with snow.  At daybreak, on Sunday all available machines started to work on the snow shoveling the streets.  Around noon most routes became possible to drive, and communication began to approach normal around noon. Fortunately, this occurred on a Sunday which was quite convenient for everyone.

Where to put the snow?

But even though all the main streets were open on Sunday it took three to four days to finish moving snow off the home streets in all districts in Reykjavík as well as in the towns and villages in the capital area. The task is not only limited to shoveling and removing the snow, but it is also the matter of finding a place to put and store the snow.  On many parking lots near the main office areas in Borgartún, it is sometimes difficult to find a spot for the accumulating snow. So one problem leads to another as some of the parking spaces are designated for snow storage.

Not forgetting the walking paths

Although the primary emphasis is on the main roads and streets, the city of Reykjavík has also been quick in shoveling the payments and walking tracks.  Some of the more popular walks in Reykjavík were already quite accessible early morning Sunday. 

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