Camping in the adventurous Icelandic Highland

  • Camping and hiking in Iceland
Feb 20 2017

Camping and hiking in Iceland are among the great options for people planning a vacation, a trip, a drive along the coastline or a road trip to Iceland. During summer Iceland is actually a fantastic place to take a family trip, go camping and visit some of the natural wonders like waterfalls, hot springs, basalt column wonderlands, breathtaking canyons, and iceberg lagoons to name a few. It is a great adventure and a very secure way to travel.  For most visitors, not to mention kids on a family trip, it is unforgettable. And for families living in metropolitan areas and cities, it is an excellent way to get in contact with nature and feel the difference betweeen concrete and asphalt vs. sanctuaries in the mountains.  Although Iceland has many good camping sites all over the country, some of the most interesting ones are in the Highland. Interesting in the sense that they are remote, exotic and different. 

Secure and exciting places to camp and hike

The environment is secure but harsh and gives the tour an extra adventurous feeling. Even though the Highland in Iceland is only open from the middle of June through September, it is the best time to visit Iceland. Camping in the Highland also requires a good 4WD vehicle as many highland roads are F roads or Mountain roads with rivers to cross which also gives a tour or a road trip in the Highland a very different feeling.  All of the main camping sites in the Highland have adequate facilities although the term luxury is probably not the best word to describe the camping sites in the Highland.  But then again, some have natural geothermal pools where you can take a relaxing bath. Some of the most interesting ones in the Highland in Iceland are in Kerlingafjöll, Hveravellir, Drekagil, Herðubreið, Kverkfjöll, Landmannalaugar, Hólaskjól, Nýidalur, and Laugavellir. 

4WD roads and exotic camping

If yo are planning a trip or a vacation and you want something totally different, you should start planning a trip to Iceland and seriously look at the option of traveling in the magnificent Icelandic Highland. But if you do, remember that the Highland is very sensitive and although the trip requires a 4X4 vehicle it is not an off-road trip in a sense that you can drive anywhere.  It is a part of Iceland where you can only drive on marked Highland dirt roads. It is also important to have in mind that the wind is sometimes quite strong in Iceland and if you are planning to camp, you need a tent that can sustain a lot of wind.

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