Don't miss the most interesting basalt column in Iceland when on a vacation

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Feb 22 2017

One of the natural wonder we encourage people to visit when in Iceland is the basalt column.  These can be seen in many places although Stuðlagil is our favorite.  We are of the opinion that this is the most beautiful basalt column place on the plane.  Stuðlagil canyon in Iceland is a newly discovered natural wonder and is most likely becoming a popular destination. The story behind the canyon and how the basalt column was revealed is quite fascinating. Also, to the story of the Jökuldalur valley throughout the centuries is of great interest and how a new hydroelectric power plant played a part.  The most interesting part of the landscape is the variety of basalt column.  The formation of the stacks by the river.  The small stacks like an altar. The regular formation as well as the irregular formation.  It is going to be interesting to see if he four-kilometer walk to the canyon is going to stop people from visiting this magnificent place. It is also a bit out of the way when you are driving the ring road or the circle of the northeastern region.  If you are traveling near this beautiful place, you should visit Stuðlagil.  Along the way, you will also pass the beautiful basalt column waterfall Stuðlafoss.  

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