Early spring in Þórsmörk

  • Early spring in Þórsmörk
Apr 15 2017

Spring has arrived early in Iceland.  April is not always part of spring but more often part of winter, but the weather can change all that. At least in the minds and heads of Icelanders.  We at Hit Iceland are always touring around the country and took a day trip to Þórsmörk yesterday on Good Friday. To our surprise, we discovered that there is almost no snow in this beloved oasis in the Icelandic Highland.  And if the weather continues to stay warm, Þórsmörk might be blooming in May making the summer quite long and beautiful. 

Some indications of a harsh winter

But despite the good weather winter has obviously been a bit tough in Þórsmörk.  We saw that the weather had done some damage to the trails and paths. Some of the trails have been damaged by water ad tiny landslides.  But all in all, it looks like Þórsmörk is going to come shining from winter.  One noticeable and positive development is the changes in the path of river Krossá.  The river has moved from the east side more to the west possibly opening a walking path towards the magnificent and interesting glacier tongues deep in the valley by Guðrúnartungur.  This has been impossible for a few years and was not at all possible last summer. 

The road to Þórsmörk is always difficult

The road to Þórsmörk from the Ring Road and the famous waterfall Seljalandsfoss is only 30 kilometers, but at the moment is very harsh and difficult to drive.  The road is not built for small cars or even small 4WD cars but only for good and relatively large 4X4 jeeps and SUVs.  In addition to being rough, the road has many rivers and streams you need to cross.  Rivers that might seem innocent but are sometimes very deep and dangerous to pass.  The rivers and the bottom of any river can change rapidly as well as the amount of water and totally change while you take your hike or picnic at Þórsmörk.  So it is wise to be well prepared and either take a tour or pick a large 4X4 vehicle when selecting a car to rent.

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