Esja is the mountain of Reykjavík

  • Esja is the mountain of Reykjavík
Sep 13 2015

If you are staying in Reykjavík while in Iceland on a tour or a visit and you, are looking for something to do in Reykjavík or feel like hiking take a look at our mountain Esja. Esja is the mountain of Reykjavík, the capital. It is almost inseparable from the city and the city's identity as it stands in front of us every day of the year. It never looks the same, shaped by the weather, light and darkness. It has even been a major political issue in city politics at one point because some unfortunate candidate made the miscalculated statement that the mountain was NOT beautiful? The mountain Esja is loved by all those who live in Reykjavík and the people of Reykjavík also love to hike to the top. The hiking trail up to the top is probably the most popular hiking trail in the country. From the top, you can see the city of Reykjavík. It takes about one and a half to two hours to walk to the top.