Fascinating animals in the Icelandic landscape

  • Overall most of the animals in Iceland are a significant addition to the landscape.
Dec 14 2016

When driving in Iceland on vacation between natural wonders like waterfalls, basalt column cliffs, hot spring geothermal pools and glacier lagoons, you will most likely notice animals in the countryside. Especially if you are driving past farms and farmlands.  You will see a lot of sheep and cows, not to mention all the birds, small birds and large birds like geese and Whooper swans. Friendly wonderful animals, and in Iceland you don't have to worry about dangerous wild animals since they are almost non-existing in Iceland. The two species that could remotely be defined as intimidating for humans are the fox and the mink. These two species are mostly live in the highland and far from most inhabited areas. Those two are actually much more scared of humans than humans are scared of them and usually run away as fast as possible if the see us. Sometimes you well also see the Icelandic horse, a magnificent animal that can give a scenic drive a new dimension. Icelandic horses running together in a flock in the Icelandic landscape is one of the most stunning sights when driving in Iceland. Overall most of the animals in Iceland are a significant addition to the landscape.  It really doesn't matter if it is a puffin on a cliff, a whopper swan on a lake, a duck on a river, geese flying in a canyon or a flock of horses running together on a hill, the animals will always spice up the landscape and the photographic opportunity. 

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