Five “two for one waterfall” in Iceland

  • Five “two for one waterfall” in Iceland
Sep 29 2016

One thing that Iceland doesn't lack is water. Creeks, streams, rivers,  waterfalls, ponds, and lakes are almost everywhere.  Small and large waterfalls, waterfalls embedded in gorges, hidden in caves, waterfalls in breathtaking landscape and raging glacial river waterfalls as well as relaxing spring fed river waterfalls.  Standing in front of a powerful waterfall is a feeling that gives you a good understanding of the power and beauty of mother nature.  But in the proximity of a beautiful waterfall placed in a beautiful landscape, you can also surely feel a sense of ease and relaxation.  It is a natural wonder that both grabs the attention of your eyes and ears, sight and sound.  Most waterfalls are captivating.

Popular waterfalls and their siblings or neighbor

We can count at least 15 waterfalls that are quite popular and visited by thousands of tourists every year.  At least two to three are major attractions and among the most visited sights and natural wonders in Iceland. Interestingly at least five of those waterfalls have another waterfall nearby that are gaining more and more attention.  Some of these waterfalls are smaller than their sibling, and most of them are quite beautiful. They are all worth visiting while you visit the big brother or big sister.

The sibling waterfalls

One of Iceland's most renowned waterfall Dettifoss is quite often referred to as one of the most impressive and beautiful waterfalls in Europe or even on the planet.  And Dettifoss has a sibling waterfall in a walking distance.  Only one kilometer south of Dettifoss is the stunning waterfall SelfossSeljalandsfoss is also one of Iceland's most popular tourist attractions and is photographed the day in and day out almost around the year. Only a few hundred meters from Seljalandsfoss is a fantastic gorge with a magnificent waterfall Gljúfrabúi.  Another waterfall in the category of most popular tourist attractions is Skógafoss not so far from Seljalandsfoss east by the Ring Road Nr.1. In a walking distance about a kilometer from Skógafoss is Kvernufoss comfortably hiding in a beautiful little canyon. Both the waterfall and the canyon are a joy to visit.  In the south region, South Iceland, in Þjórsárdalur where you will find one of Iceland's second highest waterfall at the edge of the Highland, Háifoss.  Almost at its side is another magnificent waterfall Granni or Neighbour. In the East region, East Iceland, a spectacular waterfall Hengifoss sits high up on top of a slope requiring visitors to take a mildly difficult and rather long walk to see it.  It is also among the highest waterfalls in Iceland.  But while resting along the track you can stop and admire the wonderful basalt column artwork of mother nature, Litlanesfoss.  It is obvious that visiting some of the most renowned waterfalls in Iceland you will get a bonus if you visit their siblings.  Two for one waterfall.