Fog in Reykjavík

  • Fog in Reykjavík
Feb 19 2017

Although the weather in Iceland is quite unpredictable and always changing, The Icelandic Med Office has been able for a long time to predict with accuracy that a fog will not appear in Reykjavík. That is because fog is very unusual in Reykjavík, and in the past, has more or less only been seen only in November.  And when Reykjavík had a fog it was only for a very short time, a few hours maybe.  But in recent days, in February of all months, we have seen fog for a few days. Sometimes a very thick fog with very limited visibility in downtown Reykjavík.  Since this is in the winter, Icelanders really don't care much since they know that daylight is only for a few hours and noone is waiting for the sun to come out.  The weather has also been quite unusual all winter. Almost no snow in Reykjavík, no snowstorm since the temperature has been on the plus side, which means rain but not snow. Reykjavík weather has been very unusual, and even better (if warmer is better), it has been much warmer than many European cities.

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