Hiking in Reykjadalur has its obvious advantage

  • Hiking in Reykjadalur has its obvious advantage
Nov 2 2015

Reykjadalur (Smoke Valley), just north of the town of Hveragerði is possibly Iceland's most popular hiking area. The hike to Ölkelda is approximately 3 km long. Along the way, you'll be able to observe gurgling mud pots and super-heated natural pools of water close up. Hiking this extraordinary valley is very pleasant, indeed. It is also quite easy, with only modestly rocky areas. Upon reaching the end of the trail, at Ölkelda you are in for a treat. There, cradled in the bosom of colorful mountains, riddled with amazing and gigantic rock formations is a natural pool: Smack in the middle of the river. It is the number one reason for the trail's popularity. The Icelanders love bathing in their natural pools. They also love just sitting there gazing at the amazing nature surrounding them. So, take your swimsuit along and enjoy the day. This photo was taken some years ago when the KR swimming team took a hike in Reykjadalur.