Iceland Airwaves music festival

  • Iceland Airwaves music festival
Nov 9 2015

The annual music festival Iceland Airwaves has just finished. It is one of the most interesting events in the country every year, if not the most interesting. The festival is at the beginning of November and starts on a Wednesday and runs through Sunday.  The main purpose of the festival is to introduce new music, both new Icelandic music and new music from other countries. 

During the event, Reykjavík shines with joyful activities as all kinds of bands perform their gigs in café’s, restaurants, shops and other places in the city center. These are Off Venue gigs that take about half an hour each and between the concerts people are running through the city center, the bands with their instruments and audience, to their next gig of choice. The Off Venue gigs are free of charge and give everyone a rare opportunity to see interesting bands and musicians play live.

Then there is the main On Venue program with concerts from late in the day to late in the night. The list of bands that have played on Iceland Airwaves throughout the seventeen years is very impressive.  In recent years even world famous bands like Of Monsters and Men have performed Off Venue. Throughout the years, we have attended many Off Venue concerts.  This year we listened to Mr. Silla and East of my Youth in Geysir store.  We also attended a concert by Lára Rúnars at the loft in Sólon restaurant and Aragrúi at Hitt Húsið.