Iceland has never had access to woodland

  • Iceland has never had access to woodland
Oct 15 2015

Iceland doesn’t have any forest and has probably never had access to woodland for building material. So building material was limited and even difficult to transport from other countries throughout our history, even in recent centuries. But this remote island out in the Atlantic Ocean was not completely without access to wood. The main source of wood was driftwood. The driftwood added additional value to the farms so fortunate to grab this welcomed commodity after a three to the five-year journey, mostly from Siberia, on their shore. The wood was used to build houses, boats, furniture and other useful things. Driftwood is still floating ashore in northern Iceland and somehow mostly around the coastline at Strandir. The value is on the other hand much less than some centuries ago and creates less interest. So the driftwood just piles up year after year.