Is Iceland a paradise for landscape photographers?

  • Is Iceland a paradise for landscape photograpers?
Nov 5 2015

Is there anything that can specifically support the claim that Iceland is a paradise for landscape photographers?   One reason that is often pointed out is the diversity and the amount of motives and places packed on a relatively small island. Mountains, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, glaciers, lava, shoreline, magnificent lowland and exotic Highland enhanced with a few eruptions now and then plus the northern lights. Another thing that is important is the location on planet earth.  Since being so high in the north part of the world, the sun doesn’t get that high in the sky for moths during autumn and early spring. This has the effect that the early morning and late evening light that landscape photographers are always chasing is much longer that in many other places.  In October, the “early morning” light can endure from ten in the morning until noon and the “late evening” light can last from three in the afternoon until five in the afternoon. We know this sounds a bit strange for those who live in the southern part of the planet. But then it is mainly dark and little light between five thirty in the afternoon until nine or ten in the morning.  Oh, that is when we concentrate on photographing the aurora borealis.