Is winter over in Reykjavik?

  • Is winter over in Reykjvík?
Apr 2 2016

If there is one single factor that dominates our mind and mood up here in the north in Iceland, it is the weather.  Icelanders love to talk about the weather and the changing of seasons.  People here don't particularly hate it when winter kicks in, but they love it when King Winter leaves in the spring.  Usually, winter is more or less over around the Eastern holidays in Reykjavík. Although the snow is sometimes slow to disappear, Reykjavík is usually free from snow at the end of March or at least in the beginning of April. Weatherize the wind is the only annoying factor after the snow has gone. So these days we are optimistic and looking forward.  We all believe that summer is here if a day warmer than 6 degrees Celsius appears, as was the case some days ago; before the snow came back for three days last week. But now we are probably not seeing more snow in Reykjavík so we can at least pretend that the winter is over.